Anti-Fade Window Films

Residential: UV Control Window Tinting & Films for Homes

Tint Crew Window Tinting and window Film specialists, supply and install a range of specialist UV protection window films that can help you protect your premises and property from the unwanted effects of fading.


Fading is a common problem and can adversely affect upholstery, carpets, flooring, furniture and artwork. By tackling the causes of fading, an application of anti-fade window film will help. Fading is caused by a number of factors, with three main contributors. These are illustrated in the pie chart on this page. The main contributing factor is UV rays. It’s this harmful light that accounts for 40% of the fading process. Anti-fade and UV protection window film will block out up to 99% of these rays, with specific films blocking out up to 99.9% - preventing virtually all UV from passing through your glass.


By blocking the UV, the fading process will be slowed down considerably, and there are a range of films that will deliver this without dramatically altering the appearance of your glass. For increased protection against fading, we offer a range of films that will also cut down on heat and bright light – the other two main causes of fading. These anti-fade films are available in a variety of grades and finishes, with a performance level and appearance to suit every situation.


A full range of UV protection and anti-fade window films are available to you, whilst our fully trained, experienced and friendly installers available throughout all areas of Cape Town.

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